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Sensory Integration Tools for Children


The NESTIBENCHES® are four graduated-height wooden benches that "nest" for storage. Designed for the Birth-to-Three population,the small benches also have application in adult rehab settings for positioning and weightbearing activities.

Nestibench Steps


A TRAMBLE® is a multi-use piece of equipment that can be easily taken apart when not in use. The RAMP can be lifted off of the BASE UNIT and stored on end or under a mat table. The incline/height of the ramp is easily adjusted via a wing nut system, requiring no tools.Under the lid of the base unit are two 5 gallon buckets for use with fine motor and tactile activities. 

Tramble Base as a Table

Crayons, markers, beans, rice, sand water and other materials may be stored in the containers. Replacement BUCKETS may be purchased at your local paint store or home center. The reverse side of the base unit lid is a CHALKBOARD for visual-motor activities.All Trambles ship with our adjustable height T-STOOL with the telescoping steel leg; a child can adjust the height of the Tramble® T-stool since no tools are needed. When the rubber crutch tip on the end of the T-stool leg replacement, the tip may be purchased at your local durable medical supply. A 14" X 18" SCOOTER BOARD with casters is included with the COMPLETE TRAMBLE®.

The TRAMBLE®, T-stool and scooterboard may be purchased separately.

How to CONVERT the Tramble® to a Table

Lift Ramp Off Support on the Base Unit
Lift the ramp off of the Tramble® base.
Turn Over Ramp and Remove T-Stool Rubber Tip
Turn over the ramp to access the metal flange.
Insert Table Leg
To use the T-stool for the table leg, remove the rubber tip from the end of the T-stool.
Reattach Ramp to Base Unit
Screw the T-stool leg into the threads on the metal flange on the underside of the ramp.
Secure Table and Adjust Height
Reposition the ramp on the base unit & adjust the height of the T-stool to level the table.